FAQ Profile Verification

1. What is KYC?

Know Your Customer (KYC) is the strict requirement to ensure that gaming operators know their customers. The information provided by customers must be accurate and valid as security checks are conducted regularly.

2. Why am I being asked to undergo KYC verification process?

You will be required to undergo our KYC verification process as a result of:

  • You updating certain personal information on your W138 Profile;
  • Lack of certain information relating to you, your W138 account or your transaction(s) with W138;
  • Discrepancy or inconsistency of information relating to you, your W138 account or your transaction(s) with W138;
  • Promotional claims;
  • Certain activity levels or thresholds being triggered; or
  • Our routine or random checks.
  • On the first occasion a player requests a withdrawal of funds which exceeds MYR 3,000
  • When a withdrawal of funds taken together with all other payments made to a player within the 30 days immediately preceding the date on which the payment is to be made, if the aggregate amount exceeds MYR 3,000

Notwithstanding the above, W138 reserves the right to perform KYC verifications on any of our members as and when we deem necessary or appropriate.

3. How will I know if I am required to undergo your KYC verification process?

You will receive a notification from our KYC department requiring you to submit documents for KYC verification via email to your registered W138 email address as well as via your W138 account Messaging Inbox.

You should provide all the required documents at your earliest convenience upon receipt of such notification to avoid any delays in processing your transactions and/or reduce/prevent interruptions to the continuing use of your W138 account.

4. What documents do I need to provide for KYC verification?

List of documents commonly accepted as standard identity proof:

  • National Identity Card (front and back) or passport (1 page with signature and photograph of the holder). Expiration date must be valid. The entire document must be present in the copy uploaded including full name, ID number, photo and expiration date.
  • Copy of a valid Utility Bill as a proof of your current address. This can be a payment request/ receipt sent to your legal address, such s Water / Electricity / Gas/ Internet/ Land Line Phone bill or a recently issued Bank statement.

In order for it to be approved, the Utility bill/ Bank statement must be issued within the last 6 months of submission. The document must be present in the copy uploaded including your full name, physical address, issuance date and utility company name or logo.

Upon submission, you will receive an email stating your verification status so please make sure your register email is valid and accessible. Please note, additional documents may apply to conduct further billing procedures, please contact us for details.

5. What if I do not have the required documents?

If you do not have any of the required documents, other official documents or evidence issued by authorized authorities may be accepted. These will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

6. Can I give you a photocopy document?

You can submit a photocopy document but we encourage you to provide us with scanned colored copy instead, due to image quality reasons. If a photocopied document is of a poor quality, we may require you to provide us with a certified true copy of your document with a stamp clearly reflected on it.

7. How should I send the required documents to W138?

You may submit your documents by email using your registered W138 email address to [email protected]

8. How will I know if the documents I have submitted are sufficient for KYC verification purposes?

We will try our best to review your submitted documents and provide you with an update within 12 hours upon receipt of your documents. You will receive a notification from our KYC team via email as well as via your W138 Messaging Notification once logged into your account.

Please bear with us when processing takes longer due to high volume of KYC document submissions and enquiries. Please be assured your concerns are our priority and we will respond as soon as we can.

9. How long is the given timeframe to complete KYC verification?

You need to provide valid and complete documents within 72 hours from the time we have sent the initial KYC request notification. Under certain circumstances, however, longer processing time may be required, please ensure the email you enter in the registration process belongs to you and is readily accessible as we will use it to communicate with you regarding your KYC process.

In any event, we will endeavor to complete the verification process within the shortest possible time frame.

10. Are my documents safe with you?

We take Data Protection very seriously. We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the personal information collected by us to allow you to enjoy playing online at W138.

We will use technical and organizational measures to safeguard your personal data, such as the following:

  • access to your account is controlled by password and username which are unique to you,
  • storing your personal data on secure servers.

Please read the Privacy Policy carefully as it contains certain information about how we will use your personal data.